"Rambling into the void as usual I see"

Here is where I put my day-to-day thoughts and experiences. If something is missing assume it was either purposefully deleted or pruned.

Hello World

Whenever I try to start a new blog I have a moment of realization that I can write about whatever I want without worrying about potential backlash from the 'audience' I guess. This is mainly in regards to our plurality but to a lesser extent my otherkinity, I like to think that the topics I tend to write about are non-offensive otherwise (aside from the occasional inconsequential hot-take I suppose). Generally it's the idea that I have more control over how the 'audience' can engage with/find our posts, which is true for dreamwidth and tumblr. Usually though I chicken out and delete the blog soon after I start it up.

That's something I picked up from our old tumblr days, I got some flack (an understatement) for talking about our plurality and noema/past-life documentation and it fucked us up big time. We openly talked about something so personal and intimate only to get harassed and bullied into silence. We've spent a lot of time trying to figuring out how we wanted to exist online without having to worry about getting shit for simply existing and we've come to the conclusion that you don't actually.

So, here we are. I thought about making a new tumblr but nowadays we're just very tired of social media in general. Like I said on our homepage we don't really use social media much outside of keeping up with mutuals and our favorite internet people. I primarily write in a private journal, but I like rambling into the void too much to give up blogging forever. I'm more comfortable blogging here since we have more control and ways to set boundaries. I could go on about this but I really just want to get it out there I guess. I can't tell you how many times I've written this post in my head.